I’m Susan Taylor and I’m running for City Council At Large.  I have served on the Newport City Council since 2016, currently serving as Vice Chair.

  • An immigration and civil rights attorney, 30+ years in practice.
  • A resident of coastal communities my entire life, I first fell in love with Newport in December 1986 and have made my home here since 2007.
  • Primarily, to serve Newport’s residents with consistent attention to our quality of life
  • To provide long-term planning for Newport’s future economic growth, with attention to quality educational offerings, a supportive environment for small businesses, and a focus on Newport’s resiliency to natural and other disasters which have such an impact on our economy and our homes
  • To promote and grow Newport’s unique industries in the marine trades
  • To feature Newport’s unique history as a tourist attraction
  • Being a leader in the city’s response to the pandemic, leading the way as the sole sponsor of the resolution requiring masks on our busy streets, and creating the Zorro Brigade where volunteers pass out masks and work toward changing people’s behavior around masks with upbeat messaging. I’m also working to help businesses to remain open at a profit with increased outdoor space for seating and retail.
  • Co-sponsoring the resolution for training in implicit bias, because at this unique moment in history we need increased understanding of the structural racism in our institutions. We all, every one of us, need to show the respect necessary to approach this issue with genuine curiosity and an open mind.
  • Co-sponsoring the resolution for the moratorium on large-scale development in the North End so that our newly revitalized Planning Department could revise the City’s zoning code to bring it into compliance with the Comprehensive Land Use Plan.
  • Introducing the resolution for the City to commission a Master Transportation Plan, which was approved 7-0, and co-sponsoring the resolution for a Green and Complete Streets ordinance.
  • Supporting our Planning Department through the effort to develop our North End Urban Plan with consultants NBBJ, and to develop the RFP for the Master Transportation Plan with financial assistance from the RI Division of Statewide Planning
  • To support intelligent and responsible planning for economic development which ensures real growth.  This includes fiber optics and improved broadband, with a supportive climate for small businesses and expanded workforce housing so that those who work in Newport can live in Newport.  This also includes revisiting our waterfront zoning and whether to establish a comprehensive waterfront zone, rather than maintaining the current scheme of a waterfront business zone and a traditional maritime zone.
  • To work for improved educational offerings for Newport’s students. I believe a sound, 21st century building is essential to that vision.  I know Newporters are proud of our students and we need to send that message to them, and to the entire state.
  • To monitor progress on the Pell Bridge Ramp redesign and ensure public participation at every critical juncture. My goals for the project include addressing resiliency concerns, facilitating a park-n-ride option to ease traffic downtown, and allowing for a streetscape that promotes walkability and accessibility.
  • To promote open and accessible government with training for new councilors, with council meetings that encourage diverse opinions to be heard respectfully

We are entering an exciting phase in Newport’s development.  It requires long-term planning and vision for our future, with engagement from residents across all of Newport.  We are getting ready to view the final draft of the North End Urban Plan and to institute zoning changes that will bring us into compliance with the 2017 Comprehensive Land Use Plan.  We are on the cusp of the selection process for the consultant on the Master Transportation Plan.  We should revisit our strategic plan so the council looks in a disciplined way at where we want to be in 10 and 20 years.  I believe in government, and want to lead us on this path.  I want to hear your ideas – please reach out to me at 401-207-1028.  And I respectfully ask for your vote on September 8th.

SUSAN TAYLOR –  #6 on your ballot for November 3rd!

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