About Susan

I believe in:

  • Sustainable communities
  • Progressive democratic values
  • Processes that encourage citizen input
  • Transparency in government
  • Preserving our unique historic heritage
  • Supporting the unique industries in Newport, including historic preservation and boat design, restoration, maintenance and repair
  • A City government that represents all Newporters
  • Representative government as the best way to make decisions affecting the whole community

I will focus on:

  • Supporting Newport schools
  • Supporting recreational opportunities for Newport kids
  • Making sure all Newporters are heard when important decisions are made
  • Providing support for our world-class sailing and marine industries
  • Working to protect, preserve and maintain shoreline access for residents and visitors
  • Safer streets for a bike-friendly community
  • Preserving open spaces, waterfront access, and parks for the enjoyment of all
  • Maintaining waterfront access for all Newporters and all Newport water-related activities


We are One Newport – that’s my campaign slogan and it’s key to my decision to run for office. I’m a listener and a consensus builder. When I listen to people I find that we are divided up into many small neighborhoods which don’t communicate well with each other or the city government. The one common thread is a mistrust or resentment over communications from City Hall.

I have been urged to run because many First Ward constituents disagree with positions that Marco has taken over the years – first, in 2013, his resistance to supporting sensible gun legislation in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre; second, his support for the expansion of casino gambling at the Newport Grand; and third, his position last May as the lone opponent on the Council to consideration of a ban on single-use plastic bags. We want a voice on the Council taking leadership, to demonstrate that Newport is a vibrant, forward-thinking community ready to lead the way with civic solutions for the 21st century. We are One Newport.

In my meetings with people from all over the First Ward, north and south of Admiral Kalbfus, Hilltop, Malbone, Van Zandt, and the Point, I find so many people and organizations doing good work, yet they aren’t engaged with each other and coordinating efforts to the extent they could be. We are One Newport.

What concerns me is we aren’t, as a community, adequately engaged with the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, and people don’t feel they know what’s happening with the Innovation Hub and the Navy Hospital, or the Sheffield School. I’m talking about people who are active in their communities, but still express their frustration with the lack of information. I am committed to changing that, bringing the community groups and people of the First Ward, and throughout Newport, into communication with each other and engaged in a meaningful way with the city planning process. We are One Newport.

I’m running because I’m afraid in the current election season we’ve lost sight of why we come together as citizens to form governments in the first place. We do this because we form a union to accomplish the fundamental goals of a society – security in our homes, reliable transportation, the education of our children and our future workforce, securing safe and serene environments for our recreation, and predictability in commerce – what this means is a sense of well-being for our citizens, having roots, having the sense that each of us holds a valued place in the community, and that our input is valued by that community. That’s what I mean by We are One Newport.

We are One Newport. We aren’t there yet, but I will work to improve our connectedness. –

  • So that as a city we pull together to raise Newport’s children, to educate, to provide healthy and delicious food, to offer access to Newport’s great recreational opportunities
  • So that geographically our neighborhoods can be connected more effectively with paths that are friendly to pedestrians and bikes, so that we will no longer be isolated with major arterials dividing us from each other
  • So that as a community we understand the needs of those who are struggling, and work to solve Newport’s problems in a way that truly engages the wisdom of our citizens to find functional and beautiful solutions

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