Charlie Shoemaker, M.D. –
Susan, by utilizing her legal expertise and listening to her neighbors, has worked in the First Ward to strengthen her vision of “One Newport” and looks forward to doing the same to unite the entire City!

Lilly Dick –
The Newport City Councilors are faced with many complex, diverse, and at times divisive issues. I look for a steady hand and one that is devoted to the wellbeing of Newport and Newporters as a whole. I can always count on Susan to study each issue thoroughly and to listen to her constituents and others. I am very appreciative of her diligence, open mindedness, and willingness to offer her experience and talents in service to Newport.

Bud Cicilline, former Senator from Newport –
I urge you to join me in casting one of your votes for Newport City Council At-Large for Susan Taylor. Susan is smart, honest, and hard-working, entirely dedicated to improving our lives in the City of Newport. She is a ready listener who responds to the needs of her constituents. She is both compassionate and pragmatic, wanting to be sure that people receive necessary services while being mindful of the impact on taxpayers. I believe that she is most deserving of our encouragement and support.

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