2020 Letters to the Editor

Susan Taylor is exactly the kind of leadership we need for a better future in Newport – Joseph Hearn, 10/28/20

Keep Susan Taylor on City Council – Tom Cahill, MD, 10/27/20

Susan Taylor supports making Newport a better place to liveCharles Shoemaker, MD, 10/26/20

North Side resident for Susan Taylor – Steven Sabo, 10/26/20

We urge all Newport voters to support Susan Taylor’s candidacy for re-election – Lisa Lewis & Bart Dunbar, 20/26/20

I urge you to vote for Susan Taylor this election – Rex LeBeau, 10/26/20


Aida & Tim Neary –

Aida, Assistant Director, Office of International Programs, Salve Regina University

Tim, Professor of History, Salve Regina University,

Parents of Langston (6th grade) and Claire (4th grade)

Our kids are thriving in the Newport Public Schools—one at Pell Elementary and one at Thompson Middle School—and we feel it’s the best-kept secret in Newport. It’s wonderful to know that these students will continue together as they experience elementary, middle, and high school.

Susan Taylor understands the importance of a strong community, and she knows a strong public school system is essential to build the Newport community. We are confident that Susan will serve the interest of Newport’s children as well as all residents of Newport.

Martha Parker, Co-Founder and Owner Team One (35 years) and Board Chair of Island Moving Company –

As a successful business owner in Newport for 35 years, and an active supporter of nonprofits in the sailing world and the arts, I know the importance of long-term vision, and planning. Susan has demonstrated that this is her priority. She’s thoughtful and open-minded. She’s willing to slow down, to listen and get more information. She doesn’t pre-judge the situation. And she’s proactive, not reactive, always looking for systemic problems, and systemic solutions.

Lilly Dick –

The Newport City Councilors are faced with many complex, diverse, and at times divisive issues. I look for a steady hand and one that is devoted to the wellbeing of Newport and Newporters as a whole. I can always count on Susan to study each issue thoroughly and to listen to her constituents and others. I am very appreciative of her diligence, open mindedness, and willingness to offer her experience and talents in service to Newport.

Bud Cicilline, former Senator from Newport –

I urge you to join me in casting one of your votes for Newport City Council At-Large for Susan Taylor. Susan is smart, honest, and hard-working, entirely dedicated to improving our lives in the City of Newport. She is a ready listener who responds to the needs of her constituents. She is both compassionate and pragmatic, wanting to be sure that people receive necessary services while being mindful of the impact on taxpayers. I believe that she is most deserving of our encouragement and support.

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