Transportation Alternatives

The section of Newport which contains the greatest density of affordable housing is geographically isolated from the rest of Newport, and has no easy access to other parts of the city. I will work for greater connectedness for the neighborhoods in my city, and the First Ward especially, including better physical access to waterfront recreation, and improved transportation options offering attractive alternatives to the automobile for moving around the city for work, school, shopping and recreation.

I absolutely support expanded bike lanes, and would advocate for bike paths that are separated from roadways wherever possible, even if by a few feet of median grass. We have many neighborhoods that are cut off from each other by major arterials, difficult and unpleasant to cross as a pedestrian. I would encourage bike lanes and paths to connect our neighborhoods, and to create easier access to shopping areas.

As for buses, Newport has narrow streets which lead to sharp corners. It’s difficult for large vehicles to navigate in these conditions. Newport’s trolley buses are attractive and function well in these conditions, but they are generally restricted to the downtown and more upscale residential neighborhoods in Newport. I would encourage the expansion of these vehicles throughout the city.

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