Over the years the lack of transparent information from City Hall has resulted in a palpable frustration that I hear from citizens all over Newport. Residents feel resentful toward the city for allowing past developments that are considered a blight on Newport’s waterfront, and its historic character. They feel resentment also over City projects that are slow to be accomplished, or perceived to be done ineffectively. Resentment, left to fester, breeds toxicity in the relationship with City Hall. I am committed to working to improve this relationship, with greater transparency and responsiveness throughout the City’s decision making processes and implementation of projects. This is a fundamental issue, and one of the major reasons I’m running.  Although there are multiple commissions and citizens groups – all of them ways for the citizens to have input – nonetheless the citizens express feelings of disenfranchisement.  I would seek a shift in the culture at City Hall, and promote the idea that the City should project the timelines for major projects coming up, identify choice points and decision timelines, and openly engage the public.  I will work to improve the lines of communication with the City, to show that our City is capable of innovative leadership, and to rebuild our citizens’ respect for city government.  We are One Newport.

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